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Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in videos | 0 comments

Where Is Episode 3 of The Extra Mile Podcast?


Where is the next episode of The Extra Mile Podcast, you ask?

Let’s talk about projects.

I have lots of projects. They fascinate me. I like to learn things by challenging myself and taking on something new.

So far, projects sound awesome, don’t they?

They are, but I have a problem (ain’t that the truth…).

My problem with projects is that I have too many.

It’s hard to get over the “I can do that” attitude and my personal pride takes a hit when I have to call someone in to do something for me.

When you’ve got too many projects, you wind up picking away at things instead of actually finishing any one of them.

My result is a shed full of half-fixed crap.

I have a video for you to explain why the next episode of The Extra Mile Podcast is late, and I promise that a whole batch of new ones are coming soon.



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